Thermoplastic Composites- Current Development and Future Prospects

events hall

Dr. Olga Shalev


David Wang Auditorium, 3rd floor Dalia Meidan Bldg.


Growing usage of composite materials in various industries introduces many challenges in design and manufacturing of composite based parts. Traditional thermoset fiber reinforced composites (i.e. epoxy), typically based on layup and autoclave curing, require many post-processing steps, especially with regard to large and complex three-dimensional structural parts. Additionally, since the curing process is irreversible, parts made from these materials are often impossible to repair or recycle. In the past decade thermoplastic based composites were introduced. Thermoplastic matrix (i.e. PEEK), enables producing composite laminates by application of heat and melting of the matrix, without post processing steps required. Moreover, these materials are recyclable, have excellent chemical stability, and can be easily joined with other plastic parts, without need in adhesives or mechanical bonding. In this talk we will discuss state-of-art thermoplastic composite materials- including microstructure and design, production techniques and combination with other plastic manufacturing methods, such as 3-D printing.

Host: Assoc. Prof. Maytal Caspary Toroker