The Parametric HFGMC Micromechanical Analysis of Composites, Biomaterials, and Tissues

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Prof. Rami Haj-Ali




The parametric high fidelity generalized method of cells (PHFGMC) micromechanical framework is presented for the three-dimensional (3D) modeling of multi-phase heterogeneous materials. Nonlinear and strain-softening constitutive formulations allow thermo-mechanical multi-scale simulations of both aerospace composites and soft or hard tissues. In the framework of PHFGMC, the multi-phase heterogeneous composite is assumed to possess a periodic microstructure. The detailed interactions between the constituents are explicitly recognized. For multi-phase soft tissue, the constituents are considered hyperelastic, and the overall behavior of the composite tissue is established along with the field distributions within the constituents. The PHFGMC framework is implemented within a commercial FE code to perform multi-scale analysis of composite materials and structures. A wide range of PHFGMC computational material modeling applications will be presented and discussed. These include analysis of soft arterial tissues, vertebral trabecular bones, and collagen-alginate biomaterials. Analysis and design of ceramic matrix composites (CMC) and fiber-reinforced polymeric (FRP) composites will also be demonstrated.