Semiconductor Quantum Materials Enabling Advanced Optoelectronics

events hall

Qiandong Zhuang




Semiconductor quantum materials have attracted increasing attention in the last decades due to their unique functionalities and the promising potential as new building blocks for advanced devices. Of particular interest is the III-V compound semiconductor nanostructures such as quantum dots, nanowires and their integration with Si platform or newly emerged 2D materials. The combination has advantages to exploit the unique optical and electronic functionality of III–V technology with the advanced signal processing capabilities and low-cost volume production techniques associated with silicon. This talk will brief our recent research outcomes on several novel semiconductor quantum materials, ranging from quantum dots to nanowires and hybrid material systems with device applications in energy harvesting, lasers, photodetectors and quantum technology. Advanced monolithic hybrid structures of InAsSb nanowire-based quantum materials on silicon will be specifically discussed, followed by the demonstration of proof-of-concept devices in infrared photodetection. The potential further device applications will be also briefed.

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