Searching for the next new magnetic material

events hall

Prof. Nicola Morley


Seminar by ZOOM


With the ever-increasing drive for greener technology, research has refocused back onto magnetic material discovery, with the aim to find better, cheaper, more efficient magnetic alloys. In this talk, I will present our work on using high-throughput thin film fabrication, combined with high-throughput characterization including x-ray diffraction and MOKE magnetometry to investigate the large composition space of multi-component alloys, which include high entropy alloys. These alloy compositions are found in the center of the phase diagram, and allow for simple solid solutions to form, along with dual phase alloys, which often consist of nanoparticles within a matrix. Once we have identified compositions of interest, we then investigate them further in both thin film and bulk forms, to fully understand how the composition and structure changes the magnetic properties, allowing a large database of new magnetic alloys to be created. Further work has used natural language processing (NLP) to data mine literature to add to the magnetic materials database, from which machine learning algorithms are used to predict new magnetic materials, which are then fabricated and characterized using the high-throughput experimental techniques.

Host: Asst. Prof. Yonatan Calahorra