Conformation driven-strategy for resilient and graded protein materials

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Dr. Xuan Mu


David Wang Auditorium, 3rd floor Dalia Meidan Bldg.


The exceptional elastic resilience of some protein materials, such as resilin and elastin, underlies essential biomechanical functions and exhibits broad interest in biomedical fields yet remains incompletely understood. For example, the molecular design (amino acid sequence) is limited to a handful of naturally occurring ones. Also, the correlation between protein conformation and elastic resilience is largely unexploited. This seminar demonstrates the exploration of a non-resilin/elastin sequence that adopts kinetically stabilized, random coil-dominated conformations to achieve near-perfect resilience, approximating that of resilin and elastin. Another result is the direct correlation between semi-quantitative Raman spectral features and the magnitude of elastic resilience. Moreover, the conformation-resilience relationship is used to develop continuously and mechanically graded protein materials. These results offer insights into molecular mechanisms of protein elastomers and outline a general conformation-driven strategy for developing resilient and functional protein materials.

Host: Asst. Prof. Luai Khouri