Dual-Beam Focused Ion Beam Lab

The dual focused ion beam FIB at the Technion was purchased with the support of TELEM, and the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute. The system is based on a FEI Strata 400s.

The Strata 400 STEM DualBeam system is a fully digital Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) equipped with Focused Ion Beam (FIB) technology and Flipstage/STEM assembly. The Strata was upgraded with PIA (Patterning and Image Acquisition Board). It allows for complete in-situ sample preparation and high-resolution analysis and patterning.

The key enabling technologies are all integrated onto a single platform such as:

  • Patterning and Image Acquisition Board (16 Bit PIA).
  • Ultra-high resolution electron optics (magnetic immersion lens with ultra-high brightness Sirion emitter) with SE and BSE in-lens detection and STEM imaging.
  • High-resolution (field emission) Ion Optics (SidewinderTM column).
  • Advanced control of Gas Chemistries including Delineation Etch, Metal Etch, C Deposition, Pt Deposition, SiO2Deposition, and Au Deposition.
  • High-precision specimen stage with 100 mm travel along the x and y axes, and integrated loadlock.
  • Omniprobe 200 sample extraction system for lift-out TEM specimen preparation.
  • Flipstage pivoting TEM grid mount.
  • Retractable, multi-region STEM detector.
  • A high-resolution 4k digital patterning engine.
  • Automation with full access to E-beam, I-beam, patterning and gas chemistry functionality.
  • The system architecture is optimized for automation, which is includes AutoFIB, AutoTEM, AutoSlice and View, and the ability to develope custom-made routines for specific application needs.


All academic users are encouraged to train on the system for independent use. Training includes operation of all basic features, and assistance for specific application development.

Service is provided for all academic and industrial users by Dr. Tzipi Cohen-Hyams.

for more information: Dr. Tzipi Cohen-Hyams

Office: +972-4-829-5125 FIB lab: +972-4-8295144

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