Advanced Student Laboratory

Participation in laboratory work by undergraduate students is an integral part of the curriculum of Materials Science &  Engineering studies. The department has a modern undergraduate materials teaching laboratory, the Advanced Student Lab, located on the second floor of the Maydan Building. It comprises one classroom and five laboratories, where experiments are performed on various subjects of the curriculum. Some experiments make use of general department facilities research laboratories.

Laboratory Courses

The curriculum of undergraduate studies in Materials Science & Engineering includes two advanced laboratory courses:

315001 – Advanced Lab 1

315002 – Advanced Lab 2

In Advanced Lab 1 students obtain experience with advanced material characterization methods such as optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, X-rays diffraction and atomic force microscopy.

מעבדות מחקר

In Advanced Lab 2 students obtain experience with different processing methods of advanced materials, and employ characterization methods for ascertaining the materials’ properties.

The labs are based on knowledge gained from previous core courses. Students prepare for the labs by reading provided material which includes background information, procedures for the experiment, and suggested supplementary reading.

Students are responsible for collecting data, analyzing it, and writing formal laboratory reports based on their results.

Evaluation is based on oral quizzes given by the instructors during the experiments and on the final reports submitted by the students.