Access to Research Facilities

Due to the special character of research in the department, the central laboratories of the Materials Science and Engineering Research Centre are used in a large proportion of the research activities. These facilities are open for use by scientists and students from other departments at the Technion, from other academic institutes in Israel and abroad, and by industry. The equipment is maintained and operated by experienced staff.

Materials Characterization:

Scanning Electron Microscopy: Imaging, chemical mapping (EDS, WDS), crystallographic analysis (EBSD). Dr. Alex Berner 04-8294568.

Transmission Electron Microscopy: High-resolution imaging (atomic scale), crystallographic analysis (Electron diffraction), chemical mapping (EDS, EELS), in-situ heating and cooling experiments. Dr. Yaron Kauffman 04-8294567.

X-ray Diffraction: Phase Identification, strain analysis, in-situ heating experiments. Maria Koifman 04-8294566.

Atomic Force Microscopy: Surface topography and related parameters. Michael Kalina 04-8295795.

Dual-Beam focused ion beamTzipi Cohen-Hyams 04-8295144

Furnaces Lab

: Carbolite air furnace (R.T-1100°C), electrical arc furnace. Dima Rozin 04-8294289.

Conventional TEM specimen preparation: Michael Kalina 04-8295795.